Seawater/washwater Purification System 

Seawater/washwater Purification System 

Application of the Plasma-microbubble 
All-in-one Device and System 
Seawater/washwater Purification System 

This system sterilizes harmful germs and viruses at oyster, abalone, and laver farms, as well as at onshore fish farms. It purifies water at fish farms and aquariums through the decomposition, suction, and flotation of pollutants and organic matter and by increasing oxygen and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels.


  • Sterilization of algae, germs, and viruses and removal of harmful contaminants at fish farms and in tanks
  • Floatation of contaminants and organic matter
  • Increased dissolved oxygen (DO) levels by increasing the water oxygen solubility of microbubbles
  • Reduction of product mortality rates and increased growth rates
  • Cleansing and sterilization of processed goods at laver farms, etc. Removal of washwater color ⇨ Reuse

※ Every year, the occurrence of vibrio, salmonella, and pathogenic E. coli decreases the consumption of marine products, causing economic loss in related industries. Plasma Seawater Sterilization helps eliminate this type of economic loss by providing consumers with safe marine products. 

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