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Water-soluble cutting fluid sterilization and purification system


  • Sterilization of microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi
  • pH maintenance and improvement 
  • Continuous anti-corrosion functions 
  • Odor removal 
  • Improved work efficiency 
  • Reduction of industrial wastes

Plasma Sterilization and Cleansing System for Agricultural Use


  •  Improved preservability of agricultural food 
  • Securing of food stability
  • Elimination of viruses, germs, and fungi 
  • Reduction of agricultural food spoilage and storage loss
  •  Prevention and removal of harmful microbials, such as bacteria and fungi

Sterilizer for Low-temperature Warehouses and Storage Facilities


  • Removal and prevention of odors, germs, and contaminants 
  • Maintenance of food freshness 
  • Extension of storage period 
  • Removal of Pesticide Residue

Multipurpose Water Purification System


  • Large-scale multipurpose water purification 
  • Water for agricultural use/ water for industrial use/seawater/wastewater 
  • Water sterilization and improvement of water quality 
  • Organic matter decomposition - Spraying of sterilizing water 
  • Use of heavy water and reclaimed wastewater

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