Underwater Plasma 

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Underwater Plasma 

This technology combines various active radicals, UV waves, microbubbles generated by direct and indirect electrical energy, and underwater discharge to produce plasma on water surfaces or underwater.

Concept Diagram 

  • Elimination of germs, viruses, and fungi through the combined effects of the electrical energy of underwater plasma discharge, active radicals, and UV waves
  • Decomposition of organic matter by radicals produced at the time of underwater discharge
  • Contact oxidation of radical ion bubbles (e.g., OH Radical, O3, H2O2, O-)
  • The microbubbles produced through vortex shear force and collision are used for floc formation, which is followed by the floatation of organic matter.

Environmentally friendly water treatment technologies

Water purification for all pollutants

Strong oxidizing material

Harmless to humans

  • Active radicals generated by plasma have 2,000 times the oxidizing potential (ability to sterilize, disinfect and decompose) of ozone (O3) and are more powerful than chlorine (Cl2) while being completely non-toxic and harmless to humans, allowing for environmentally friendly water treatment.
  • Capable of removing all types of pollutant from water
  • Most powerful oxidizing substance, capable of chemical decomposition and removal
  • Direct interaction with pollutants in air and water, reducing pollutants to harmless water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2)
Characteristics of Underwater Plasma 

Sustained sterilizing power
  • Inhibition of the propagation of microorganisms such as viruses and germs
  • Stronger sterilizing power after water contaminant treatment

Eco-friendly products
  • No use of chemicals
  • Prevention of secondary environmental pollution

High efficiency without electrification
  • Prevention of accidents involving electrical shock for improved safety
  • Use of low power (220 V); united power consumption: 70 W a month

Simple maintenance 
  • Modularization of devices producing plasma
  • Simple module exchange in the event of a breakdown

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