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Increasing the value of your life through our expertise in water purification and sterilization

CEO Chan-mo Kim

  • CEO of BUKYUNG Co., Ltd.  
  • President of the Gyeongnam Youth Start-Up Success Coaching Association  
  • President of the Creation Angel Investment Club 

PLASMA HOLDINGS was founded in 2015 as a water treatment device manufacturer and has grown into an enterprise that has succeeded in commercializing technologies using plasma, the ‘fourth state of matter.’ As an environmental/industrial company, PLASMA HOLDINGS is taking action to improve the harmful working environments in industrial settings and to eliminate the harmful germs found on agro-fishery products. By working hard in these and other ways, PLASMA HOLDINGS seeks to meet the needs of eco-friendly agro-fishery policies and stand strong as a protector of food safety for the health of all humankind.

The Plasma Device, developed by PLASMA HOLDINGS, produces non-thermal plasma. The device uses superior water-treatment environmental technology to achieve a 99.9% sterilization effect in 30 seconds and improve BOD, COD, turbidity, and color.

Our plasma water treatment system effectively sterilizes harmful microbials-such as legionella, E. coli, vibrio, and salmonella-found in freshwater/seawater in industrial cooling towers, fish farms, aquarium tanks, pools, fountains, and more. This system purifies water without the use of chemicals such as chlorine. PLASMA HOLDINGS possesses unique technologies and patents that can be applied in various fields and for various purposes, such as agricultural water sterilization, agricultural product cleansing, low-temperature warehouses sterilization, the elimination of blue-green and red tide algae blooms, and wastewater treatment and reuse.

Based on its state-of-the-art technologies, PLASMA HOLDINGS manufactures eco-friendly water treatment products. Some of our main products include: the Water-soluble Cutting Fluid Sterilization and Purification System; Plasma Sterilization and Cleansing System for Agricultural Use; Sterilizer for Low-temperature Warehouses; and Multipurpose Water Purification System.

We at PLASMA HOLDINGS pour our passion and efforts into producing enhanced products that are designed to satisfy our customers and are tailored to the water treatment industry. We are dedicated to manufacturing products of only the best quality based on our accumulated experience.

For sure, we will make our continuous efforts to grow and develop with the entrepreneurship aiming for contribution to our country and society.

CEO    Chan-mo Kim 

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