[Removal of Pesticide Residue] 
Plasma Sterilization and Cleansing System for Agricultural Use 

Sterilizes and cleanses water and agro-fishery products using eco-friendly plasma water treatment


 Single phase 220 V, 50/60 Hz 

Plasma Generator / Nozzle

Electrical controls

Power consumption
 Max. 50W 

Size and weight
 400mm x 500mm, 10kg 

 Applied water capacity
The water capacity can be increased
 depending on the set time of use


Removal of residual pesticides
Removal of residual pesticides
Food safety
Food safety
Spoilage prevention
Spoilage prevention

" 99% sterilization within 30 seconds, 
100% sterilization within 3 minutes "

[Cleansing with tap water vs. cleansing with plasma water]

Two samples were collected-one was cleaned with tap water, and the other was cleaned with plasma water. The two samples were cultivated at 30 ℃ in culture mediums and left at room temperature for 7 days
※Plasma sterilization and cleansing improves the preservability of agro-fishery products, provides chemical-free, non-thermal sterilization for improved food stability, and reduces the spoilage and storage loss of agro-fishery products.


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