Sterilization for Low-temperature Warehouses and Storage Facilities 

The plasma treatment circulates air between between high-quality agro-fishery products in low-temperature storage to remove fungi and to prevent spoilage, thereby delivering safe foods that are free from harmful germs, to consumers everywhere.


Single-phase 220 V / 60 Hz 

 About 10-20 m2 

Power consumption
 Max. 50 W 


Continuous sterilization 

Maintenance of food freshness

Suction of airborne

Plasma is injected through the plasma reactor to decompose organic matter, and ionized radicals are provided to remove and prevent odor, germs, and pollutants.

[ Operation Principles ]

※The Plasma Air Circulation Treatment ensures food safety while the food is in storage and in between distribution processes through continuous sterilization and OH radical effects, thus promoting higher incomes for farm households and improving national health. 


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